Pelagea – The Human Kingdom

Pelagea is a land composed chiefly of humans, halflings and half-elves. These three compose 60-70% of the population. The rest of the population is a mix of the other races.

Pelagea is currently the most stable, prosperous and powerful of the lands of this world. Their power is only rivaled by the great Eladrin empire, but it has been an age beyond memory since the High Elves of The Vale have seen fit to involve themselves in the matters of this world.

Pelagea City is the capitol of the Kingdom. Often referred to as “the platinum city”, the pristine walls of Pelagea city surround the various districts of the city and, at the heart of it all, Castle Pelagea, the seat of power of the Human realm. The city and it’s monarchy have long worshiped Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon. This is apparent from the use of alabaster white stone, sparkling sheen metal, purple cloth and striking dragon statues and edifices all over the city.

A good deal of the halfling population also occupy the human lands. They are very kindly regarded and over the course of time, have formed royally acknowledged noble families. The halflings even have their own High Council that operates in parallel with the human royalty. The halflings of Pelagea hold no towns or cities of their own, they are chiefly integrated among the human settlements of the land.

Most of the rest of the settlements in Pelagea are various towns and villages dotting the countryside. The leader of each of these is a royally appointed noble and some form of local Lord to handle the day to day running of the town.

Geographically, Pelagea is chiefly composed of grassy plains and various clumps of forests. The land is lacking in much mountainous terrain, so it is not incredibly hospitable for Dwarves and other subterranean races. But, if they can accustom themselves to human living, all races are welcome in the human lands.


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