Khel Mordan

Khel Mordan – The War Torn Kingdom of the Dwarves

Once recognized as one of the great powers of the world, the dwarven land of Khel Mordan has been embroiled in a crippling civil war for years.

The dwarven kingdom is composed of many different clans, each vying for economic, artistic, militaristic and political superiority over the other. This competitive nature is what led their race to rise as a major world power. Always at the heart of their conflicts were a sense of kinship with the other dwarves though, which prevented small competitions to become full on wars. Every clan generally claimed its own portion of the rocky peaks of Khel Mordan and the vast tunnels below. They used unique clan symbols to mark the borders between clan territories.

There has always been a King to rule the dwarves as long as the dwarves have inhabited the steppes of Khel Mordan. As dwarven tale tells, the first king was a descended son of Moradin. He united the disparate dwarven clans and brought them all together under his banner. He promised them peace, prosperity and clan sovereignty so long as they would unite behind him. In time he was able to do so and in turn, they crowned him King.

The king, knowing that some day he and his line would die, formed the Elder Council. Should there be no king to sit under the great mountain, it would be the Elder Council to choose the new king. The elders must be wise, patient, insightful, and have an innate ability to speak with the elder spirits. The first Elder council was the kings own line, as they each were blood of Moradin. As members aged, they would take on a single pupil to teach and train in the ways of being an elder.

In time, the first king and his line had died off and the Elder Council chose the new. And so it has gone since the dawn of the dwarves. Always they look to fulfill the charge set by the first king of the dwarves, and so it has gone since the dawn of the dwarves.

Currently, the dwarves are without King and Council. It is still unknown what exactly happened, but in one fell act, the King, his Queen, and their young Prince were all killed. On top of this, the Elder Council and their pupils were all killed and the Great Archive was set ablaze. All that remained from the archive were the ancient stone carved tablets from the old age. This devastated the clans. With no King and no Elder Council to choose a new one, they were without direction. What’s worse is that any kind of documentation that might have given a clue as to the royal lineages were all lost from the archive fire.

With no King to keep the clans in check, each made claims for the throne, only to be denied by the other. Disagreements turned to arguments, arguments to fights, and fights to all out clan warfare. All other matters have fallen out of mind while the various clans tear themselves apart in an attempt to seize power.

Whispers around the rest of the realm say that war has blinded the dwarves to the old dark powers that have begun creeping back into Khel Mordan…

Geographically, Khel Mordan is a mass of mountain ranges and mighty peaks. The largest of them is simply known as The Great Mountain and it is under this that the kingdom is built, with clan territory stretching out as far as the mountain ranges go. On the surface, there are some trees covered areas where you are bound to find an elven settlement or two, but this is scarce. It is a brutal land built for only the strong and the brave.

Khel Mordan

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