Hullsreach is a Royal Settlement started 150 years ago. It has only been royally recognized for 50 years. It is a bustling port town on the South-West coast of Pelagea.

Size: Hullsreach is a town of about 6000 people. 4000 of those reside inside the city walls, with an additional 2000 in the surrounding farmland.

Citizens: many of those who live there make their living from the fishing and sea trade industry. There are also many who live there who are part of the Pelagean caravan industry, ferrying the goods from the coastal trade to the other coastal and inland settlements.

Government: Duke Elais LeRoche, Lord Mayor Tyrell Holt, Hullsreach council of 12.

Defenses: The town is surrounded by a 15 foot stone wall. There are only 2 entrances: the front gate and the port. The town has an army of 400 soldiers.


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