Bael Tyranny

Bael Tyranny – The Black Throne

While most tieflings stalk the shadows of the world, several families claiming noble lineage have founded a new seat of power for the coming Tiefling Empire.

Wedged between the base of the mountain ranges at the edge of the Khel Mordan and bordering the Endless Swamp is the new tiefling capitol of Bael Tyranny. The tiefling nobles have crowned a new king and in all lands word has spread that The Black King is calling forth all tiefling to make their way to their true home in Bael Tyranny. There they shall bear witness to the return to greatness of their proud heritage.

None of the major powers pay this much mind. This era has seen its fair share of usurpers and so-called kings, but few have proved themselves to be anything more than fools and charlatans.

Bael Tyranny

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